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Vans Spring Classic,Varazze 2012… It was RAD!

maggio 9th, 2012 | Posted in Events, skateboarding |

This 4°edition of the Vans Off The Wall Spring Classic, as usual held in Varazze, was Radical!
It started for me on the bus that brought me from Palermo to Trapani, from which i flew to Genova, rented a FIAT Panda and i got to Varazze in the late evening. The air was full of excitement, the qualifications were held in the afternoon under a ominous sky that kept his threat for for the following days, thousand of boys and girls rushed from all around Europe crowded the narrow streets of the cradle of italian surf culture. Rockabilly music was loud from behind the corner and many parties were on in the several bars. Old skateboarding footage from Vans and interviews of the iconic guys, that made the skateboard history, where screened, while people were having fun and their glass full of beers. More »

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