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Oliver Parker Deep in maldives WILD IN THE STREET
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The Big Autumn …

dicembre 10th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

L’Inverno è alle porte e di conseguenza la stagione migliore per il surf sta finendo. Le calde e potenti mareggiate Autunnali hanno colpito tutte le coste da est a ovest in questo breve periodo quasi senza sosta… Siamo stati sempre in giro a caccia di perturbazioni, cucinando per strada e vivendo il nostro sogno. Ecco alcune foto, per il resto ero in acqua… More »

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“Onde Nostre” crew in Sicily

novembre 20th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

Surfisti del sud, occhio!  Potrebbe capitarvi, come è successo a me, di avvistare sulle line up delle coste più recondite alle prime luci dell’alba, ancora stropicciandovi gli occhi,  una coppia di soul surfer che camminando sulle onde vi saluterà con il migliore e più sincero dei sorrisi …  La crew di “ONDE NOSTRE” Oliver Parker, Alessandro Ponzanelli, Luca Merli e Giovanni Barberis sono in giro per filmare il secondo capitolo del film “Onde Nostre” per raccontare le regioni del sud, dove il surf forse è un po’ più vergine e giovane e dove la passione è alta. Hanno già ripreso in Toscana, Liguria e Sardegna ma scenderanno presto anche  in Puglia, Calabria e Lazio… Questo nuovo progetto,

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Going Wild

novembre 15th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

The surfing season has already started since a month, but we had always a couple of days in a row, no more. Another big swell was announced by the maps, but this one was different, it came from SE and it was supposed to blows since Sunday for at least 5 days…

I  started to pack all the gear, the stoves and all the food i found at home, already known that i was missing something, More »

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Ripcurl Pro Portugal 2012

ottobre 19th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

Grande spettacolo anche quest’anno al Ripcurl Pro Portugal 2012, dal quale riceviamo le foto di Giacomo Visconti che ci raccontano uno degli eventi ASP sicuramente da non perdere.  Julian Wilson batte in una combattutissima finale il brasiliano Gabriel Medina, dato fino all’ultimo per favorito, conquistando la prima vittoria della sua carriera.

Enjoy the gallery courtesy of Iabo photo More »

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Kelly wins for the 50th time…

settembre 24th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |


This year one of the most important and significant events in the ASP World Tour stops in California for the Hurley Pro 2012 in Lower Trestles.

The scene is perfect.  The playing grounds are just like every year, never-ending glassy waves that are between three and five feet, left and rights that break over a mixture of rocks and sand in the heart of the Santa Onofre State Park…..Welcome to Lower Trestles! More »

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Enjoy the Flat Spell…

luglio 2nd, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

La pagina del wetter è diventata la mia home nell’ultimo mese, continuo a sperare che a 192 ore si intraveda l’intensificarsi delle tanto amate isobare… ma all’orizzonte solo il nulla, la calma e l’orribile sensazione di essere al posto sbagliato. La piatta ci attanaglia e non conto più da quante settimane, in realtà siamo riusciti a tirare fuori le tavole dalle sacche, prima che si crepassero per l’aridità, solo un paio di volte questo mese. Non credo di ricordare una primavera/estate più calma. Enjoy and keep dreaming!

text & photo helmut berta

More »

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One swell after another…

aprile 24th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

Spring has arrived and brought some swell in a row, almost every spot was activeted and we enjoyed and shared so many waves that we felt on vacation for a week in the ocean. Three swell from west come one after the other. Good waves, bad waves, wind and glassy condition alternated each other but the most important thing we stay in the water enjoying these beautifull gifts that Meditarranean Sea was so generous to give us. Avoiding the flat that oppress us here there are some of the waves passed through our hearts.   Respect nature, respect people and surf!!!   More »

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Driving Moonlight

marzo 26th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

It’s a Friday like many others, waves have been fickle for the last two months, but desire to go surfing is so strong that we keep watching all kind of forecast to understand which spot will work first, swiping away the long flat spell of this winter that is finally going to end.

The phone ring, the destination has has just been decided, in few hours we pack everything and also the Canon is ready to captures all the stories of the forthcoming unforgettable weekend. More »

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ITW – Diego is B(l)ack…

marzo 24th, 2012 | Posted in interviews, surfing |

I remember when I met  for the first time Diego, it was the end of 1999, i was building a miniramp in what it would be, a little later, the first surf shop in Palermo. Sticking his head out from under the shutter he had offered to help, and between one session and the other our friendship was born.Together we mapped many of the coast line in search of the best surf spots. We were excited every time we discovered one, we had the same spirit of the pioneers and and we had thousand of solitary sessions. Then we were filled with excitement every time we crossed a car with surfboards on the roof, we talked at length exchanging advices and informations… …Time has passed and the number of surfers has increased with it, one day I asked myself: << however Diego where is? >>

itw & cover photo by helmut berta – other pix from sri lanka taken by lukisha   More »

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One thousand km of surf hunting

marzo 13th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

This time i wished doing some true surf hunting, i really wanted to drive no matter the distance or the time it tooks… I was looking for the best spot available chasing the swell that was blowing and turning fast around sicily. I have run for more than 1000km from coast to coast during 3 days, meeting some of the oldest friends and many new ones. I found the most genuine hospitality and friendship and some very good surf conditions. Enjoy and share the true surfing spirit!

text & pix Helmut Berta
More »

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