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Oliver Parker Deep in maldives WILD IN THE STREET
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One swell after another…

aprile 24th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

Spring has arrived and brought some swell in a row, almost every spot was activeted and we enjoyed and shared so many waves that we felt on vacation for a week in the ocean. Three swell from west come one after the other. Good waves, bad waves, wind and glassy condition alternated each other but the most important thing we stay in the water enjoying these beautifull gifts that Meditarranean Sea was so generous to give us. Avoiding the flat that oppress us here there are some of the waves passed through our hearts.   Respect nature, respect people and surf!!!   More »

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One thousand km of surf hunting

marzo 13th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

This time i wished doing some true surf hunting, i really wanted to drive no matter the distance or the time it tooks… I was looking for the best spot available chasing the swell that was blowing and turning fast around sicily. I have run for more than 1000km from coast to coast during 3 days, meeting some of the oldest friends and many new ones. I found the most genuine hospitality and friendship and some very good surf conditions. Enjoy and share the true surfing spirit!

text & pix Helmut Berta
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The perfect swell

febbraio 5th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

After fifteen years of surfing in Sicily a few times I’ve seen a combination of favorable factors all together, in order to create a perfect swell like this. The direction from North West give the right angle to the swell to hit all the spots on the north and west coast, the wind was practically absent, the period between waves pass the rare limit of 10-seconds and the buoy swing from 3.9 to 5,6 meters, ​​that would normally only see with the wind blowing at more than 40 knots. But this time everything went different, at seven in the morning the waves were already well formed and not a leaf was moving. For once the swell was perfect.

photo copyright helmut berta

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Winter is coming

ottobre 18th, 2011 | Posted in surfing |

As usual the first storm coming from north east marks the beginning of the winter season and with it the arrival of larger swells. Winds from the N/E that have affected this weekend of mid-October brought heavy waves on all sicilian sides. And now enjoy these images full of water from the north coast …Sicily rules!   More »

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The day after…

settembre 22nd, 2011 | Posted in surfing |

“The wind knocks me relentlessly, its whisper still resounds in my ears, sometimes blurred images flash before me.”

“Il vento implacabile mi stordisce, il suo sibilo ancora rimbomba nelle orecchie, a tratti immagini sfocate mi balenano davanti.”

text & pix Helmut Berta More »

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Until next swell…

agosto 31st, 2011 | Posted in surfing |

“Summer is fading away, but memories stay with us until next swell…”

photo copyright Helmut Berta
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July’s ecstasy!

agosto 2nd, 2011 | Posted in surfing |

Dopo l’ euforia di Luglio siamo di nuovo qui a cercare tra le mappe dei venti qualche corrente che alimenti le nostre speranze di una surfata d’agosto… nel frattempo di questa spasmodica ricerca, ecco qualche istante immortalato in una delle ultime giornate a Magaggiari. More »

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Sunset at Magaggiari…

maggio 18th, 2011 | Posted in surfing |

Non conosco altro modo più liberatorio e purificatore, per concludere una giornata che ti ha reso prigioniero di mille pensieri, aspettando che il sole si tuffi oltre l’orizzonte. Spero che questi scatti possano liberare anche voi… More »

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Come tanti anni fà…

marzo 20th, 2011 | Posted in surfing |

Le goccie che rimbalzano sulla lamiera mi svegliano poco dopo l’alba, esco di fretta dal furgone ricordandomi di aver lasciato la muta ad asciugare… Il vento soffia a 50 nodi e sembra di stare su una barca in mezzo alla tempesta, piuttosto che in uno spot solitamente riparato dallo scirocco. Dopo un check veloce dei dintorni e uno sguardo alle nuove previsioni More »

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“Classic Day” at Isola…

febbraio 21st, 2011 | Posted in SURF SPOT REVIEW, surfing |

I vari break di Isola delle Femmine sono gli spot più assiduamente surfati nei dintorni di Palermo. La baia è esposta a Nord Ovest, generalmente basta una piccola swell proveniente da Ponente a Tramontana per attivare le diverse secche. Il fondale è per lo più sabbioso ma qualche roccia spunta nell’inside e le secche si spostano spesso. I diversi spot reggono da mezzo metro in poi e raramente superano i due metri.

Gli scatti che seguono sono quelli di una classica giornata sulla sinistra del Lido del Carabiniere, dove classica non significa che sia sempre cosi… More »

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