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Oliver Parker Deep in maldives WILD IN THE STREET
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Driving Moonlight

marzo 26th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

It’s a Friday like many others, waves have been fickle for the last two months, but desire to go surfing is so strong that we keep watching all kind of forecast to understand which spot will work first, swiping away the long flat spell of this winter that is finally going to end.

The phone ring, the destination has has just been decided, in few hours we pack everything and also the Canon is ready to captures all the stories of the forthcoming unforgettable weekend. More »

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One thousand km of surf hunting

marzo 13th, 2012 | Posted in surfing |

This time i wished doing some true surf hunting, i really wanted to drive no matter the distance or the time it tooks… I was looking for the best spot available chasing the swell that was blowing and turning fast around sicily. I have run for more than 1000km from coast to coast during 3 days, meeting some of the oldest friends and many new ones. I found the most genuine hospitality and friendship and some very good surf conditions. Enjoy and share the true surfing spirit!

text & pix Helmut Berta
More »

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Federica Castronovo Interview

dicembre 1st, 2011 | Posted in interviews, surfing |

testo: Andrea Barbera – photo lifestyle: Danilo Sguali – photo action: Andrea Barbera


Federica Castronovo classe 1990, nasce a San Leone in provincia di Agrigento, Goofy, 60 chili, 170cm di altezza, vegetariana, di sangue siciliano, all’età di 13 anni si innamora del Surf e di tutto quello che gira intorno a questo mondo. Federica è una vera watergirl, nel senso letterale del termine l’elemento H2O fa parte della sua vita, surf, kite, wake, vela, sk8, snowboard, una passione così sfrenata che la porta a fare il suo primo trip in Costa Rica a soli 17 anni quando frequenta ancora il quarto anno di ragioneria. Innamoratasi del Costa Rica insieme ad Andrea il suo ragazzo anch’egli surfista, vi si trasferisce a vivere per ben due anni. Oggi è una delle pochissime ragazze siciliane a praticare shortboard, tra trip in oceano ed una surfata nel suo homespot San Leone, conosciamola meglio.

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Winter is coming

ottobre 18th, 2011 | Posted in surfing |

As usual the first storm coming from north east marks the beginning of the winter season and with it the arrival of larger swells. Winds from the N/E that have affected this weekend of mid-October brought heavy waves on all sicilian sides. And now enjoy these images full of water from the north coast …Sicily rules!   More »

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On the run with Ulysses…

ottobre 6th, 2011 | Posted in surfing |

Acitrezza …

Every summer I find new concrete blocks placed there to moor the boats, the small matter that the already dangerous rocks, emerging at the water, suddenly blew up the fins. Before the swell I have to go out at night to cut the buoys, with the consequent threat of complaint by municipal entities. The stinking water made from open sewers, is a witness to all the injustices that this coast suffers (in the middle of marine reserve of the Cyclops). There is no respect for the historic port of Giovanni Verga narrated in “I malavoglia”.

The cars’ horn encourage me to dive on the walls of crystal clear water, the smell of the sea is alive, so alive that it remains under the skin and flows in my veins mixed with adrenaline, and I run away from rudeness in front of the legendary rock that Polyphemus pulled to Ulysses on the run, seeking the harmony that this place gives off.

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The day after…

settembre 22nd, 2011 | Posted in surfing |

“The wind knocks me relentlessly, its whisper still resounds in my ears, sometimes blurred images flash before me.”

“Il vento implacabile mi stordisce, il suo sibilo ancora rimbomba nelle orecchie, a tratti immagini sfocate mi balenano davanti.”

text & pix Helmut Berta More »

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