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Oliver Parker Deep in maldives WILD IN THE STREET
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ITW – Diego is B(l)ack…

marzo 24th, 2012 | Posted in interviews, surfing |

I remember when I met  for the first time Diego, it was the end of 1999, i was building a miniramp in what it would be, a little later, the first surf shop in Palermo. Sticking his head out from under the shutter he had offered to help, and between one session and the other our friendship was born.Together we mapped many of the coast line in search of the best surf spots. We were excited every time we discovered one, we had the same spirit of the pioneers and and we had thousand of solitary sessions. Then we were filled with excitement every time we crossed a car with surfboards on the roof, we talked at length exchanging advices and informations… …Time has passed and the number of surfers has increased with it, one day I asked myself: << however Diego where is? >>

itw & cover photo by helmut berta – other pix from sri lanka taken by lukisha   More »

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