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Going Wild

novembre 15th, 2012 Posted in surfing

The surfing season has already started since a month, but we had always a couple of days in a row, no more. Another big swell was announced by the maps, but this one was different, it came from SE and it was supposed to blows since Sunday for at least 5 days…

I  started to pack all the gear, the stoves and all the food i found at home, already known that i was missing something, because  i was too excited for he next trip that i felt like my first days when i start surfing, when nothing matters but just that you have to be there, at the Sea! When Andrea rang, he passed at my place to pick me up, i felt like the dream was true, we were “Going Wild” for the next days.

text & pics Helmut Berta

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  1. Eddie Says:

    You got some nice waves brothers!!! Way to go :-)

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